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Mind. Heart. Mouth?

While nature connectedness is a strong predictor of pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors, generations of individuals living in cities like Montreal have limited experience and connection with the natural world and little to no contact with the way their food grows, little knowledge about what goes into the food they consume every day, and little understanding, or care, about whether the few companies that control the world’s food systems are concerned about anything but the profits they make year after year. mind.heart.mouth. combines experiential learning in garden-based pedagogy and consumer sensory experience theories to create workshops and spaces designed to increase awareness and greater connections with our natural environments and with the ways, our food is produced.



Collective Gardening, Design, and Community Care

Situated on the Loyola Campus, the mind.heart.mouth. Collective Garden aims to promote food security on campus by providing free local organic food to any member of the Concordia community who wishes to volunteer in the garden and to the Hive Coop who provide free lunches for all. By reframing our approach to front lawns aesthetics with an innovative concept which consists of a fresh vegetable and fruit garden, we are filling gaps in the availability and consumption of nutritious food to meet dietary needs without having to transport food over far distances.





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